Spring Session | March 5–May 21
Spring Session | March 5–May 21

Rooted Groups

Spring Session Dates | March 5–May 21
Sundays | 4:00 p.m. | Oak Brook 
Wednesdays | 7:00 p.m. | Butterfield
Registration is now closed

At Christ Church, we believe that God designed us to live in community. Rich, lasting relationships help us to grow spiritually, face life's challenges well and become who God created us to be. Group life provides us with a safe space to deepen our walk with Christ, grow closer to others and be equipped to make an impact in the world around us.

Christ Church offers a variety of groups to accommodate people in every age and stage. Each group begins its life together by undertaking Rooted, a 10–week experience that will deepen your faith and help you discover God's purpose for your life.

Rooted is much more than a Bible study. Each group consists of 6–12 people committed to exploring the Bible, engaging in prayer, serving others, sharing their stories and developing the practices essential to a healthy spiritual life. Because Rooted is such a unique and immersive experience, we suggest reading through the Rooted: What You Need to Know section below.

Being a part of a Rooted group requires an investment of your time and commitment to engage in the weekly readings and reflections, participating in group discussions and volunteer initiatives. It may seem like a big ask, but we don’t hesitate to make it because we know the journey is life-changing. Time and time again people tell us that they are glad they made the decision to get involved in a group. They are closer to God. They have made significant relationships. And they feel more at home and invested in the church.

Rooted registration is now closed. You can join the waitlist here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at; a Rooted team member will be happy to chat with you. You can also find the Rooted schedule here.

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    Rooted: What You Need to Know


    What is Rooted Rooted is a 10-week group discipleship journey and a catalyst for life-change. It provokes questions, fosters conversations and provides group experiences designed to give you a glimpse of your story as it fits in God’s story.

    What is the difference between Rooted and other groups?  Rooted is the on-ramp to group life at Christ Church. While it does include Bible study, Rooted is much more than a Bible study! Rooted participants grow in community while practicing the seven rhythms of a healthy spiritual life. In addition to daily readings and reflection questions, groups will pray together, serve together and share their stories.

    How do I register and what does it cost? Rooted registration is now closed but you can join the waitlist here. There is a $25 Rooted registration fee covers the Rooted workbook. 

    Are there scholarships available?  We believe that Rooted can be a life-changing experience and we want everyone to participate! We understand that the Rooted book fee may be a burden for some, so we do have some scholarships available.‚Äč For more information, please email

    When and where will my Rooted group meet? This session, Rooted groups will meet on Sundays (4:00 p.m.) at Christ Church Oak Brook and Wednesdays (7:00 p.m.) at Christ Church Butterfield.

    Is there child care available?  Child care is available on Sundays. The cost for child care is $50 for the first child and $25 for each additional child. The link to register for childcare is in the Rooted registration confirmation email.

    What if I cannot make it to Vision Night?  If you miss the kick-off, don’t worry; your leader will be in contact to get you up to speed, and you can still join your group.

    What if I cannot make all 10 weeks?  The Rooted journey is immersive, so we ask that you do your best to attend all group meetings. If your schedule requires you to miss more than two meetings, we ask that you join a Rooted session that better fits your schedule. The 10 weeks provide a cumulative experience, and so we ask that every participant commit to honor each other by being at every meeting possible.

    When will I get my book?  Books will be distributed at the Rooted Vision Night on March 5. If you are unable to attend, you can pick up your copy at the Serve desk on Sundays.

    What if registration is closed?  If registration is closed, we encourage you to join the waitlist hereRooted includes a 10-week curriculum and we want participants to have the benefit of all 10 weeks. Rooted groups also form a special bond as they share their stories. For these reasons, we don’t place people into Rooted groups after Week 1 has passed.

    We do understand that 10 weeks is a long time to wait. We will have some opportunities to jump into community life here at Christ Church available very soon.