High School

High School

A weekly rhythm is important for high school students to keep Jesus in the center of their lives. Our three weekly connection points are designed to help our students, wherever they are at with their faith, to live a life where they worship, grow, and serve as followers of Jesus Christ.

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    Sunday Night Program

    September - May | Sundays | 7:00 - 8:45 p.m. | Oak Brook | Student Center

    Koinonia is the large-group weekly programming for students in grades 9-12. Our weekly large group gathering is divided into two chapters:

    Large Groups | 7:00 ‐ 8:00 p.m. 
    This portion of our night is where we gather for worship, an interactive message, and fellowship. We work through our yearly curriculum focusing on placing Jesus at the center of our relationship with God, our self, others, and our world.

    Small Groups | 8:00 ‐ 8:45 p.m.
    Small groups are where we process what we have experienced in Large Group. With Bibles and a Talksheet, alongside same grade/same gender small group members, under the guidance of an adult leader, we seek to make a large group feel small as we develop and deepen our relationship with God and one another. Our small groups provide each student with a groups of friends who can encourage, challenge, and keep them accountable on the journey of discipleship.


    No registration necessary - just show up!

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    Mosaic Community
    Wednesday Night Leadership Group

    One-Day Retreat: Saturday, January 5

    Gatherings: Wednesdays Jan 9 - May 8 | 7:00-8:30 pm | Mosaic Room

    Mosaic provides an opportunity for our committed students to develop and grow as student leaders. Mosaic is a leadership community of broken tiles (adult leaders and students) who desire to serve out of how they are wired. Whether students feel most alive connecting to God and His people with their hands, heart, soul, or mind, Mosaic has a “leadership tile” for them.

    Our weekly gatherings are divided into two chapters:

    1. Mosaic Community | 7:00‐7:45 pm
      Students gather for a spiritual exercise, leadership training, and collaboration in the designing, developing and ownership of our ministry.
    2. Tile Time | 7:45-8:30 pm
      This is where students collaborate within the specific tasks connected to their tile to design, develop, and own the various aspects of the entire High School Ministry. Each tile has an adult volunteer leader who is wired just like the students in his/her tile, creating a multi‐generational approach to leadership development.


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    Ninth Grade Entry Point

    Confirmation 2018

    We are excited to have your student engage in this journey of faith discovery and discipleship. This adventure begins September 9, 2018 and culminates on December 14, 2018 at our Milestone Celebration worship service. At that time, we will celebrate this milestone in the lives of our students as they confirm their intention to invite Jesus into the center of their story - into the center of their lives.

    Mentor groups in general meet on Sunday nights after Koinonia large group meetings.



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    Contemporary or Classic Worship
    Worship With Us!

    Sundays 10:45 am (year round)

    This worship service has become a place where many of our students effectively connect to God and His People. We meet in Auditorium for contemporary style worship and the Sanctuary for classic. Our hope is that our students will enter into a weekly rhythm of corporate worship — at 10:45 am or at one of our other worship services.

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