Rock ‘N Canoe | July 17–19 (WAITLIST)
Elementary Camp | Grades 4 & 5
Rock ‘N Canoe | July 17–19 (WAITLIST)
Elementary Camp | Grades 4 & 5




Rock ‘N Canoe

July 17–19 |  Baraboo, WI | $295
Incoming Grades 4 & 5 (FULL)

Join in on an exciting adventure at Rock ‘N Canoe Summer Camp! Bring a friend! This is a great chance for the kids to be away on their own, meet new friends, build stronger relationships, and try new experiences like rock climbing and canoeing. Above all, they will have the chance to develop the most life-impacting, valuable relationship of all – a friendship with Jesus! We will take busses from church to Expeditions Unlimited and return from camp on busses arriving to church on July 19.

Please do not let money be an issue. Need-based scholarships are available upon request. Email Jennie Amidei. Please note refunds will not be given after April 1.

***We have hit our capacity and only have spots on the waitlist available. Register your camper on the waitlist with the link below.

RNC Camp Leader
If you would be interested in being an RNC Camp Leader, please register with the link below, and Shari Knutson will be in touch with you soon.

RNC Bucks
RNC Bucks are the only form of “cash” that will be accepted at the snack shop. Rock 'N Canoe (RNC) Bucks are sold in $10 increments for your camper to use at the snack shop. Candy and snacks are $1.00–$2.00 each. Souvenirs (water bottles, sweatshirts, etc.) are $10.00–$20.00. RNC Bucks will NOT be sold at check-in when you drop off your camper. Campers will receive their Bucks when they arrive at their cabin at camp. (Leftover funds after camp will be transferred to next year's RNC scholarship fund. No Refunds.) RNC Bucks must be purchased by July 11.

Camp Forms must be emailed to Jennie Amidei within 1 week of registering for camp. Find links to all forms below:

LINK TO FORMS: Expeditions Unlimited Forms (required for all campers and camp leaders)
LINK TO FORMS: Medication Permission Form (required for all campers and camp leaders who are minors)
LINK TO FORMS: Authorization to Administer Medication (required if camper bringing medication to camp)

RNC Pack List and Camp Communication Sheet
RNC Schedule 
Please contact Jennie Amidei with any further questions.