Broadcast Schedule
Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

Air Date Number Title Series Preacher
4/15/18 1815 ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL: Generosity Leads to Flourishing Flourish Dan Meyer
4/22/18 1816 UNSHACKLED: Freedom Leads To Flourishing Flourish Dan Meyer
4/29/18 1817 WHAT'S IN MY POCKET? Commitment Leads To Flourishing Flourish Dan Meyer
5/6/18 1818 CALLED CHRISTIANS: Faithfulness Leads To Flourishing Flourish Dan Meyer
5/13/18 1819 CHASING AWESOME: Finding Grace in a Perfect World Chasing Awesome Dan Meyer
5/20/18 1820 WHY BELIEVE YOU EXIST?: Questions We'd Like To Ask God Why Dan Meyer
5/27/18 1821 JERUSALEM POWER & LIGHT: Who or What is the Holy Spirit Come In Third Dan Meyer
6/3/18 1822 WHY DO YOU LET BAD THINGS HAPPEN?: Questions We'd Like To Ask God Why Dan Meyer
6/10/18 1823 WHY AM I HERE?: Questions We'd Like To Ask God Why Dan Meyer
6/17/18 1824 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: Leaders Exercise Self-Discipline Joe Dan Meyer
6/24/18 1825 WHY IS JESUS THE ONLY WAY?: Questions We'd Like To Ask God Why Dan Meyer
7/1/18 1826 AMERICA THE WISE: Seek Wisdom #Wisdom Dan Meyer
7/8/18 1827 GREAT GENIUS: The Secret to American Life Nation Under God Dan Meyer
7/15/18 1828 WHEN JESUS IS LATE: Waiting For God to Show Up The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer
7/22/18 1829 ENTOMBED: Coming To A Dead End The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer
7/29/18 1830 THIS STINKS: Facing the Messiness of Change The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer
8/5/18 1831 RAISING THE AMAZING: Mentor Carefully #Wisdom Dan Meyer
8/12/18 1832 LOOKING OTHERWARD: How God Sees the World The Others Dan Meyer
8/19/18 1833 GOD'S FIREFIGHTERS: The Ministry of Angels Angels Dan Meyer
8/26/18 1834 HEARTLESS: Becoming More Affectionate People 4Love Dan Meyer
9/2/18 1835 BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN: Receiving and Extending God's Comfort The Attitudes Dan Meyer
9/9/18 1836 BLESSED ARE THE MEEK: Grasping Nothing But Having Everything The Attitudes Dan Meyer
9/16/18 1837 BLESSED ARE THE HUNGRY AND THIRSTY: Longing For More Than Christianity Lite The Attitudes Dan Meyer
9/23/18 1838 BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL: Not Giving Others What They Deserve The Attitudes Dan Meyer
9/30/18 1839 BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED: Preserving Your Way to Life The Attitudes Dan Meyer
10/7/18 1840 SACRED PACES: Taking Time to Create a Home The Attitudes Dan Meyer
10/14/18 1841 DOOR FOUR: Finding the Path to Freedom Press Pause Dan Meyer
10/21/18 1842 YOU GOTTA LOOK AT IT: Sabbath Frees You Press Pause Dan Meyer
10/28/18 1843 THE FAMILY MVP: God's Vision for Healthy Second City Dan Meyer
11/4/18 1844 SMALL WONDERS: Learn From The Little Wisdom Dan Meyer
11/11/18 1845 RAISING THE AMAZING: Mentor Carefully Wisdom Dan Meyer
11/18/18 1846 OVERFLOWING: The Sign of a Well-Rooted Overflowing Dan Meyer
11/25/18 1847 Messiah Promo - Dan Meyer
12/2/18 1848 THE CAUSE: Rediscovering the Joy of Christmas True Story Dan Meyer
12/9/18 1849 UNLIKELY CHOICES: He Came To & Through The Poor Mystery Dan Meyer
12/16/18 1850 THE MEDIATOR: He Made The Invisible Known Mystery Dan Meyer
12/23/18 1851 WHEN GOD UNDRESSED The Word Became Flesh Mystery Dan Meyer
12/30/18 1852 THE KING’S HAND: What Christian Hope Is and Is Not Hope-Full Dan Meyer
1/6/19 1901 CHANGE IS COMING: Understanding the Hope of Heaven Hope-Full Dan Meyer