Bible Class and Celebration | Grades 3–5

Bible Class | Sundays in April during both worship services 
Bible Celebration | May 19
Grades 3–5 | Students who have not taken class or received a Bible
Oak Brook & Butterfield

If you already registered for the Bible Class when it was originally planned for February 2024, your child is still registered. If your child has already taken the Bible class and received their Bible at a celebration, there is no need to register your child again. If you have any questions, email Jennie Amidei.


Students in Grades 3–5 are at an exciting stage of spiritual development as they begin to learn how to navigate the Bible and seek ways to express their own personal relationship with God. The Children’s Ministry team would like to partner with families to help celebrate this important faith milestone by providing your child with their very own Bible.

This is an opportunity for your child to attend Bible class every Sunday during either worship service in April in Fellowship Hall 2. The students will explore their new Bibles with their faith mentors, ask questions and dive into the living Word of God! Bibles will be kept at church until May 19 when they will be presented to all the children who were in the Bible class at the Bible Celebration during the worship service. Registration is required for participation in the Bible Class and Celebration at Oak Brook.

Please note that many students in grades 4 and 5 have already attended this class. There will will be the regular Christ Church Kids classes on Sundays for those students.

If you would like to be a part of this special time in your child's life and help facilitate activities in class at either campus, please email Jennie Amidei. A guide will be provided to you and teachers will be present leading the class.